Proulx Sugar Bush & Berry Farm tour

Last weekend I went on a field trip to a maple syrup farm! We enjoyed a very Canadian brunch and tasting.

My classmates and I tasting the different forms of maple syrup

I hung out with these two horses, Sparky and Winston, as well as our fantastic tour guide.

Selfie with a horse!

This goat also kissed my cheek (and then tried to eat my hair.)

Selfie with a goat!

Finally I did the most Canadian thing of all: rolling hot maple syrup onto a stick in the snow to make a lollipop!

My maple syrup lollipop

It was a pretty great adventure.

March 5th, 2017


Brew Donkey Tour

Last weekend I went on a craft beer, distilled spirits and winery tour of Ottawa! Here’s some photos from this awesome field trip.

Aging barrels upon barrels of whiskey at the North of 7 Distillery
My Brew Donkey tour booklet
Josh, from Dominion City Brewing, giving us a sneak taster of their new “Canada Gose” beer
Everyone who attended the tour with me!
The five spirits we tasted at North of 7 Distillery
Clinking glasses at Vignoble Clos du Vully winery.

February 7th, 2017

Skating, skiing, Winterlude, Parliament hill

Living in Ottawa has given me the opportunity to cross a number of things off my bucket list, including skating on the Rideau Canal, meeting an astronaut and attending Winterlude!

Skating on the Rideau Canal
Eating a Beavertail on the Canal
Meeting Roberta Bondar, first Canadian woman (and neurologist) in space! At Parliament Hill.
Free cookies and hot chocolate inside the Metro Ice Cafe igloo at Winterlude
Camp Fortune, Gatineau: my first time skiing!


February 7th, 2017

Winter break

Winter break has come and gone! I really enjoyed my 3 weeks off school. I spent the days leading up to Christmas day with in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario with my loving relatives.


When I returned to Ottawa, I moved out of my apartment in Vanier and moved into a suite in the bed and breakfast I work at in Sandy hill! Even more exciting, New Year’s Eve in Ottawa was the kickoff of #Ottawa2017. I got to see the torch lighting, flagbearers and fireworks from the very front row at Parliament Hill. It was the best new year’s eve I’ve ever had.

New Year’s Eve from the front row of the show at Parliament Hill


I also visited Montreal over the break. I’m starting to get very comfortable with taking rideshares, staying at Airbnbs, and going on very spontaneous adventures. We took a 2-hour speed tour around the city in a Benz, hitting up Mont Royal Plateau, Saint Viateur bagel cafe, Saint Joseph Oratory, Mt. Royal, Vieux Montreal, the Biodome and Notre-Dame Basilica.

The view from the top of Mont Royal
Backpacking through the Montreal Biodome

Unfortunately all great things come to an end, and I am back on the grind of school every weekday and work every weekend. Though I already feel like this is going to be a very long semester, I am sure it will be over in a blink.

January 16th, 2017

Gingerbread contest

This is my roommate’s and my gingerbread contest submission. There’s prizes for the top three creations and we’re hoping that ours has a fighting chance against the actual pastry student’s!

Snoopy’s holiday home
White icing sugar tinsel

Also: it’s really starting to snow here in Ottawa! It can be dreary at night in the wrong gear, but during the day time it’s really beautiful.

Me on the Adawe pedestrian bridge at Strathcona park

December 8th, 2016

Ottawa Senators vs. Minnesota Wild

Yesterday I attended my very first hockey game! And where better to watch one of Canada’s most favoured sports than the country’s very own capital city?


Not to mention, our seats had an incredible view:


In the first period Minnesota scored one point, and in the second period they scored again but it was ruled out by the refs because the puck was hit down into the goal by a high stick. Finally the Senators scored at the start of the 3rd period, but no more goals were made. We were tied at 1-1 when overtime began, but quickly lost the game to Minnesota just before the time ran out.


Regardless of losing, I had an awesome time. We got complimentary Montreal-style smoked beef sandwiches from the Ledge lounge and ordered some Mike’s Hard Lemonade to sip from our box seats. My school was able to offer all the students a complimentary ticket, as well as a +1 ticket for a cost of $50.


We even got these super cool Senators scarves!!


November 14th, 2016

Ottawa food adventures

I don’t tend to eat out much in Ottawa despite my interest in food and the city. Being on a student budget makes it difficult to run a food blog when it comes to food someone else has cooked!

Aside from the delicious samples I tasted on the C’est Bon tasting tour, I have visited 7 places to eat: Nando’s, Presotea, Sash Gelato Cafe, Jay’s Pizza and Poutine, Mu Goong Hwa Garden, Heart & Crown, and Lieutenant’s Pump. I’ve already reviewed Mu Goong Hwa in my first post and the previous two places mentioned were solely for drinks (which are hella expensive here.)

Jay’s Pizza and Poutine offers pizza for $2 per slice, ($2.25 for slices with meat) they’re open late and offer delivery. It’s nestled on the block between 3 Brothers Pizza and Poutine and Shawarma Palace on Rideau, which makes me genuinely wonder how this mom & pop shop could stay afloat. But now I can reason why: the crust is crisp, the cheese they use is St. Albert’s, and the owners are incredibly friendly people. I ate my pizza before I could take a photo of it, but they handed me this nice take out menu which will have to do.


The bubble tea scene in Ottawa has nothing on Vancouver. A medium-sized bubble tea without tapioca pearls at Presotea Ottawa costs an average of $5.50 each, and they’re often made with powder-flavouring rather than fresh fruit. There’s only a small handful of bubble tea shops in the city and so far, I am unimpressed. However, this hang-out spot was surprisingly populated and the tea itself was not bad.


The gelato scene, however, is a worthy contender of Vancouver’s. I’ve only been to two gelato cafes so far, but there seems to be an abundance of places to get your fix. Sash Gelato is definitely a trendy place to try some creative flavours.


Finally, there was Nando’s flame-grilled chicken. Though there are Nando’s(es) in Vancouver, my first time actually sitting down to eat there was here in Ottawa. The ordering system is a little odd, but the food is tasty and the atmosphere is very relaxed (if only I hadn’t snapchat story’d the photo for it, I’d show you.) What I really need to try next time though is the $3.99 bottomless frozen yogurt!

November 12th, 2016