Betel leaf-steamed sea bass

Cooking French cuisine in a bamboo dim sum steamer is fun.

Steamed sea bass with betel leaves and greek-style vegetables
Bar vapeur aux feuilles de béthel, légumes à la grecque
The sauce is a beurre blanc fish fumet-based sauce and the garnishes include a jerusalem artichoke and oven-dried sea bass skin

Red snapper filets with crispy potato scales

This dish was a lot of fun to make. After scaling my snapper, I lined the filet with potatoes to recreate the scales Paul Bocuse-style. It couldn’t get any more traditionally ’70s or French once I plated it with a turned mushroom and white wine and butter sauce.

Filets de Vivaneau et écailles de pommes de terre, avec une sauce beurre blanc
Red snapper filet with potato scales, turned mushrooms, vermouth butter sauce and a mushroom dariole.

April 19th, 2017

Salmon and sea bass terrine with spinach, basil and beurre blanc sauce

This dish is yet another terrine. It was cooked in a loaf pan but sliced and plated for the photograph.

Terrine de saumon et bars aux épinards et basilic, sauce beurre blanc

Beurre blanc sauce is just so lovely and glossy when it’s done right. I found the crisped sea bass skin was a nice touch for texture contrast.

Salmon and sea bass terrine with spinach, basil and beurre blanc sauce

March 13th, 2017