Truffle cream parfait with asparagus and iced pea velouté

The asparagus collapsed before I could photograph my dish with the parfait perfectly upright, but at least it fell in a cool domino-effect look.

Velouté glacé de petits pois, parfait léger à la truffe, asperges vertes

The “iced pea soup” on this plate is just the green spiral decorations. I know, if I ordered a soup at a restaurant and my soup was entirely just those two lines, I’d be pretty thrown off.

May 27th, 2017


Filet boeuf and garlic velouté soup

This dish is from Aquitaine: Bordeaux.

It’s a traditional garlic velouté soup that the French tend to enjoy after a night of drinking, similar to French onion soup.

Tourin blanchit à l’ail

I also cooked this beef filet with red wine sauce, sautéed mushrooms and potatoes.

Filet boeuf avec maître de chai, champignons à la bordelaise et pommes de terre noisette (Parisienne)

Here’s another angle for texture and height perspective:


Beef fillet with red wine sauce, garlic-and-parsley mushrooms (persillade) and potato rounds

These are the first dishes I’ve cooked all semester that I truly enjoyed and felt proud of cooking!

January 27th, 2017