Parisian scallops and green pea soup

These dishes are from the Île de France.

Potage Saint Germain

This is a green pea soup with a really chunky garnish, because that’s how I like my soups, but I know it could be – and should be – much more elegant in plating. Oh well.

St Jacques à la Parisienne

I had so much fun plating this dish though. This first example of plating is classic and simple, but I also prepared a scallop in its shell with a parmesan tuille shell lid.


The first way shows off the jewel though.


March 5th, 2017



Roast chicken

Poulet rôti au jus avec les pomme de terres duchess et les oignon glacé
Not my prettiest plating or photography. My sauce was too thin!

In retrospect, I should have just laid down all of my jus gras to fill in the holes and make the mistake look purposeful.

November 12th, 2016