Black olive-crusted veal fillet

Filet de veau en croûte d’olives noires, piquillos farcis, sauce vinaigre de xérès
Veal filets with black olive crust, confit garlic rings stuffed with risotto and a zucchini-and-chorizo stuffed piquillo pepper

May 27th, 2017


Veal piccatas with veggie noodles and lime gastrique

This is the last instalment of my healthy cooking posts because starting tomorrow, I am back to cooking with butter. I have learned to accept that in French cooking, butter is life.


Piccatas de veau sautées au citron vert avec tagliatelles de legumes

I garnished the plate with lime segments and lime zest, lightly candied in veal gastrique.

Sauteéd veal piccatas with lime and carrot/zucchini noodles

February 7th, 2017