Black olive-crusted veal fillet

Filet de veau en croûte d’olives noires, piquillos farcis, sauce vinaigre de xérès
Veal filets with black olive crust, confit garlic rings stuffed with risotto and a zucchini-and-chorizo stuffed piquillo pepper

May 27th, 2017


Stuffed sole fish fillet with mushroom and watercress coulis

The sabayon needed to be caramelized under the salamander, but due to how high above my head the equipment was, I wasn’t able to get it as I would have liked. In other words, that’s why there’s holes in the colouration.

Sole farcie aux champignons, coulis de cresson, topinambour meunière
Stuffed sole fish fillet with mushroom quenelles, Jerusalem artichokes and waterfress coulis quenelles

I know, the plating for this dish was dreadfully uninspired. Mushroom quenelles again, Amanda? Pfft.

May 27th, 2017

Lamb fillet slices with green pepper mint sauce

This dish was very intricate to layer. From top to bottom, this is chiffonade mint topped over a garlic purée quenelle, over thin slices of medium-well lamb slices, roasted plum tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and green pepper sauce.

Tian d’angeau et sa petite sauce à la menthe et poivres verts

This dish is not from a specific French region as my past several dishes have been. It’s considered “cuisine légère“, or light cooking. There is no butter and very, very little fat used in this dish.

Plating these dishes was particularly tedious.

The mint sauce on the side is a apparently the British way to enjoy lamb.

February 7th, 2017