Eggplant fritters and stuffed artichoke hearts

This was fun experiment with vegetarian (but far from vegan) food.

Beinets d’aubergines au fromage de chèvre aux fines herbs et confiture de tomates
Herbed goat cheese eggplant fritters with homemade vanilla-tomato jam and basil chiffonade
Artichauts farcis en croûte aux champignons sauvages et épinards, sauce tomate au basillic
Globe artichokes garnished with wild mushrooms, spinach, puff pastry, tomato sauce, basil and blanched baby vegetables

March 5th, 2017


Tea Party

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a prêt à thé (tea party) and tasting all of the delicious dishes that my housemate and his classmates prepared! It was absolutely superb.


The presentation and taste of each sample was even more overwhelming than the selection of tea. My personal favourites were the sweet club sandwich, the hazelnut-lime macaron and the finger framboise.

Eight sweet and two savoury treats, accompanied by over a dozen teas to choose from

All of them were lick-the-plate delicious.

November 1st, 2016