Truffle cream parfait with asparagus and iced pea velouté

The asparagus collapsed before I could photograph my dish with the parfait perfectly upright, but at least it fell in a cool domino-effect look.

Velouté glacé de petits pois, parfait léger à la truffe, asperges vertes

The “iced pea soup” on this plate is just the green spiral decorations. I know, if I ordered a soup at a restaurant and my soup was entirely just those two lines, I’d be pretty thrown off.

May 27th, 2017


Deconstructed space lobster lasagna

This is an open-faced lobster lasagna with asparagus and a warm lobster-oil vinaigrette, asparagus puree, and squid ink pasta dough.

I didn’t like my à la minute plating from school, so I plated it in various different ways once I brought it home for lunch.

Open lobster lasagna with green asparagus
Lasagne ouverte de homard aux asperges vertes


Despite not getting the plating right the first time, I was particularly happy with this dish because it was inspired by a tattoo idea that I’ve always liked but will never get: a sea creature in an astronaut’s helmet in space.

May 27th, 2017

Venison medallions and cured freshwater fish filet

These dishes feature Canadian specialities: freshwater fish (walleye and trout), venison (deer meat) and morels (black mushrooms).

Médallions de cerf, polenta crémeuse aux champignons, purée chataignes
Venison medallions with mushroom polenta and chestnut puree-filled morels

The venison is topped with crispy fried sage leaves and garnished with a refreshed venison jus.

Venison jus

The second dish I made was essentially warm salad. The cured fish was torched à la minute on the skin-side only to give a slightly caramelized appeal.

Filet de doré et truite mariné aux herbes salées du bas de fleuve, salicornes en salade
Cured walleye and trout fillets marinated in herbed coarse salt, over a bed of saltwort, asparagus, arugula


March 12th, 2017