Hey! It’s a pleasure to see you’ve reached my About page.

I’m mostly writing this blog for myself, for my family, and my friends back home. But if you’ve happened upon this blog as anyone else, I figure I may as well introduce myself.

My name is Amanda and I am writing about my experience studying culinary arts Ottawa, Ontario. This blog features a bit of insight about traditional French cooking, travelling, budgeting, living in a rooming house, working at a B&B, and whatever else this adventure will surprise me with.

I’m excited to share this opportunity with those who are excited to see it!



To read a fat list of disclaimers (boring!), keep scrolling.

As the reader, you must recognize that I am not an expert gastronomist, a culinarian, a professional food writer or a gourmet. I am simply a student with a passion for cooking and writing. My definitions of French cooking terms are not guaranteed to be dictionary-accurate. The descriptions of dishes are written only by my interpretation.

In other words, the information provided in my posts are based on my experience as a cook in the industry and a student in the trade.

All information provided on this blog is for recreational and/or entertainment purposes only.

I am not providing professional advice. I do not profit from writing. I am not sponsored to write.

I reserve the right to edit my blog, to change its focus, to take it down, to change the terms of use, or to sell it completely at my discretion.

Once in a Bleu Moon does not represent the views, intentions, strategies, or beliefs of the people, institutions, organizations, and employers of whom I may or may not be currently or previously associated with in either a professional or personal capacity or both.

All images are photographed by myself unless explicitly stated otherwise.

All dishes pictured in my portfolio tab labeled “Food” are prepared and cooked by myself unless explicitly stated otherwise in the caption.

I do not write or own the rights to the recipes used to create the dishes in my photographs. However, I have the permission to photograph and document my final products. I will not disclose or reproduce the methods, quantities, or ingredient lists of such recipes as these do not belong to me.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, I am the legal copyright holder of all material on this blog and others cannot use it without my written consent.

Why is it called Once in a Bleu Moon?

Let’s be clear: a blue moon, in this case, is not a moon that is blue in colour. (Surprise!) The term is defined as the third of four full moons in a season. These “blue moons” occur once every 2-3 years, but there is a common misconception that they are much more rare. The phrase “once in a blue moon”, is now a colloquialism used to describe a rare opportunity.

Secondly, this blog is partially bilingual; hence the decision to translate “blue” to “bleu”. I would have made it Once in a Bleu Lune, but that would make less sense as French adjectives follow the nouns rather than precede them. (Besides, Once in a Lune Bleue doesn’t flow as well and Un Fois Dans Une Blue Moon just sounds silly.)

Thanks for getting this far down the disclaimers list.