Puff pastry creations

Allumettes au Fromage – Puff Pastry Cheese Sticks
Vol-au-Vent Poulet et Champignons Blancs – Chicken and Mushroom Veloute Pastry

October 30th, 2016


Autumn in Ottawa

Ottawa is easily one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. On a sunny day in autumn, the parks here are naturally saturated by the blue sky and the rainbow of trees.

My walk home from school through Strathcona Park

Even the cloudy days here are beautiful. The leaves are crunchy and the air is dry – it is very unlike Vancouver.

Overcast fall morning after a sunny day

It can get sort of lonely moving to a brand new city on your own, knowing no one. I’ve made it my goal to take advantage of free admission Thursdays at various Ottawa museums, but it’s not always so easy to find someone to go with. The first week I went to the Canadian War Museum with housemates who I met that day; the week after I visited the Canadian Museum of Agriculture and Food with this goat who tried to eat my phone.

Selfie with a goat

However, I’m very thankful to have met so many wonderful people across Canada through the French immersion program Explore. Not only has it helped me immensely with understanding the French taught at LCB, but it’s also helped me adapt to Ottawa. I even have a few Explore friends who are students here in Ottawa too, who visited the Canadian Museum of Nature with me last week. (Nuts to you, stupid goat.)

The bird exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature was so cool!

I particularly liked the dinosaur exhibit.

Me and an amazing dinosaur fossil-replica at the Canadian Museum of Nature

Anyway, today’s my 20th birthday and though can be tough to really celebrate given the circumstances, I had a great day regardless. In fact, my talented housemate in Superior Pastry even brought home some especially special treats to share with me and my other housemate whose birthday happened to be yesterday!

Raspberry caramel macarons, dark chocolate choux pastry balls, milk chocolate tarts

I’m also going to celebrate a little extra by treating myself to a fresh haircut tomorrow and brand new winter boots. Going to enjoy the hell out of this gorgeous weather while it lasts!

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes!


October 25th, 2016