Ottawa Senators vs. Minnesota Wild

Yesterday I attended my very first hockey game! And where better to watch one of Canada’s most favoured sports than the country’s very own capital city?


Not to mention, our seats had an incredible view:


In the first period Minnesota scored one point, and in the second period they scored again but it was ruled out by the refs because the puck was hit down into the goal by a high stick. Finally the Senators scored at the start of the 3rd period, but no more goals were made. We were tied at 1-1 when overtime began, but quickly lost the game to Minnesota just before the time ran out.


Regardless of losing, I had an awesome time. We got complimentary Montreal-style smoked beef sandwiches from the Ledge lounge and ordered some Mike’s Hard Lemonade to sip from our box seats. My school was able to offer all the students a complimentary ticket, as well as a +1 ticket for a cost of $50.


We even got these super cool Senators scarves!!


November 14th, 2016