Pan-fried venison medallions

Médallions de chevreuil, haricots coco aux chantrelles et cépes, sauce poivrade
Pan-fried deer meat medallions (venison tenderloin fillets) with white bean truffle puree, confit glazed onions and potato spiral towers
The potato spirals stuffed with white kidney bean puree is easily the most tasty part of the plate.

May 27th, 2017


Grilled beef fillet with béarnaise sauce and bridge-cut potatoes

Filet de boeuf grillé, sauce béarnaise, pommes pont-neuf

The potato “fries” were delicious and the béarnaise sauce was the best I ever made. The steaks, however, were not.

One was supposed to be rare, and the one medium, but mine over-cooked so fast that both of these tenderloin cuts are beyond well-done. Ah well. Believe it or not, they still tasted alright.

November 29th, 2016