Pan-fried halibut steak and Anna potatoes with Choron sauce

Choron sauce is a fancy way of staying butter sauce (hollandaise) with tarragon (béarnaise) and tomato concassé (Choron).

Pavé de flétan rôti, pommes de terre Anna et sauce choron
Pan-fried halibut steak with Anna potatoes and Choron sauce

May 27th, 2017


Halibut papillote

This is another healthy dish, considered cuisine légère. There is no butter, cream, or fat in this steamed dish.

Raw halibut with thai-inspired garnishes, before cooking

This filet of halibut was cooked in two different kinds of papillote. The first is a parchment paper round, and the second is a clear thin sheet of Carta Fata that is tied into a bag.

Papillote de fletàn sur légumes verts

The dish is enjoyed as a surprise to the customer.

Opening the parchment paper papillote

The second puffed up into a steamy bag, and once opened it perfumes a strong bouquet of ginger, mango, lime and coconut.

Opening the Carta Fata papillote

The sauce also turned out very bright and glossy.

Sauce exotique parfumé au gingembre

This was easily one of my most favourite dishes this semester.

February 7th, 2017