Foie gras and marinated duck leg

This dish is from Périgord.

Foie gras chaud aux raisins

Yes, duck’s liver isn’t exactly a pretty thing to look at. But with clever plating and some shiny peeled grapes, one can almost forget about the whole force-feeding-a-duck-corn ordeal.

Though I really don’t like foie gras, I am really happy with this dish.

January 27th, 2017


Hot Cointreau soufflé

This dish is from Val de Loire: Anjou.

Soufflé chaud au Cointreau

Soufflés are actually really not that difficult, but cooking them in a dead oven with no window or oven light makes it a game of prayer.

I also made an Anjou-style stewed trout with braised Boston lettuce in this class, but it was honestly just so unappetizing that I didn’t bother taking a nice photograph of it.

Laitue braisée, truite étuvée 

Okay yeah, there’s some hand-cut fillets of trout surrounding it on the plate, but smack-dab in the center there is this. This, you see, is an entire head of Boston lettuce, braised down to a sickly-dark green pulp the size of toonie.

In my humble opinion, the soufflé was much more fun to make.

January 19th, 2017