Truffle cream parfait with asparagus and iced pea velouté

The asparagus collapsed before I could photograph my dish with the parfait perfectly upright, but at least it fell in a cool domino-effect look.

Velouté glacé de petits pois, parfait léger à la truffe, asperges vertes

The “iced pea soup” on this plate is just the green spiral decorations. I know, if I ordered a soup at a restaurant and my soup was entirely just those two lines, I’d be pretty thrown off.

May 27th, 2017

Stuffed sole fish fillet with mushroom and watercress coulis

The sabayon needed to be caramelized under the salamander, but due to how high above my head the equipment was, I wasn’t able to get it as I would have liked. In other words, that’s why there’s holes in the colouration.

Sole farcie aux champignons, coulis de cresson, topinambour meunière
Stuffed sole fish fillet with mushroom quenelles, Jerusalem artichokes and waterfress coulis quenelles

I know, the plating for this dish was dreadfully uninspired. Mushroom quenelles again, Amanda? Pfft.

May 27th, 2017